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Support Equipment

Dutch Dredgers offers a wide product range of dredging support equipment. These products are a valuable addition for your performance. You can make a choice out of our standard products or you could ask us for a proposal to design one especially for you.
Dutch Dredgers Hydraulic Power Pack   Dutch Dredgers Amphibian Buggy   Dutch Dredgers Workboat Zodiac

Hydraulic Power Pack


Amphibian Buggy



Dutch Dredgers pdf download
Dutch Dredgers pdf download
Dutch Dredgers pdf download
The diesel or electric driven hydraulic power pack has several hydraulic circuits and functions. This unit is equipped with a diesel and oil tank. This robust construction can be controlled directly or remotely. These units are usable for submersible dredge pumps, cutter heads and other hydraulic equipment.   The Amphibian Buggy EAB150 is a vehicle what can transport a load of 15.000 kg over dry soil, mud, vegetation and floats over waters. It can climb a 45° steep angle to pass sand dunes, get on shore or drive on a trailer. The centre point of gravity is kept low by fuel tanks under deck. This makes this crawler safe on water and it is possible to land a helicopter on it. On its deck it is possible to install a hydraulic driven machine like a drill, crane, pump or a custom build unit. The crawler is driven by hydraulics in 2 speed modes by joysticks inside a cabin or remote control.   This steel or aluminum work boat allows you to work very safe on water. It stays very stable on water even when you working on the boat sites. The five water tide compartments make this boat hardly to sink and the boat deck is above water level to keep it dry. On the sites of the work boat it’s possible to assemble hooks or bollards. The power of this compact vessel is coming from an optional outboard motor between 15HP and 25HP.
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Dutch Dredgers Booster Set   Dutch Dredgers Winch   Dutch Dredgers Dredge Drive

Booster Set




Dredge Drive

Dutch Dredgers pdf download
Our booster units are diesel, electric or hydraulicaly driven. These units can be remote controlled or can send there booster information.   We have hydraulic, electric and manual winch designs. To deliver designs, parts or the complete winch, we need to know its purpose and capacity.   This dredge drive is used on the Dutch Dredgers Dredge Pump (dredger) or the Dutch Dredgers Submersible Dredge Pump. The parameters of the dredge drive can show or controls the dredge process to the most efficient production.
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