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We can support you in the delivery of physical products needed for your dredge solution like:

  • Key Components: Some components are complex or not easy to produce on small scale. Dutch Dredgers can supply key components with the needed documents as standard or customized part(s). Our products will be transported in a standard freight container.
  • Welding & Coating: When there are no possibilities for steel production or clients like to buy a complete tested/guaranteed product, we can supply welded and/or coated assemblies. These way clients have no risk of failure or bad products. This contains also (wear) spare parts for dredge equipment.
  • Prefab Parts: For clients who like to produce the steelwork themselves, we can supply prefabricated steel parts. These labelled parts are made by engineered specification and can be welded during the assembly of the dredger with the corresponding label number.
  • Support Equipment: Additional equipment is also a possibiltiy. One may think of powerpacks, boostersets, winches, workboats or transportation equipment.
Dutch Dredgers Submersible Dredge Pump   Dutch Dredgers Dredge Pump   Dutch Dredgers Hydraulic Power Pack

Submersible Dredge Pumps


Dredge Pumps


Support Equipment

The Submersible Dredge Pump is a high efficient and modular dredge pump unit. This pump range has several dredge tools and connectors to adapt every situation and environment.

• Easy maintenance
• Low startup costs
• Easy to operate
• Flexible
• Compact
• Large spherical passage
• Quick to change the functionality

  The Dutch Dredgers dredge pumps (EDP) dredge a high concentration. This efficiency is caused by the double curved impeller blades. For use in a dry environment a 60% level is needed to make the pump self-priming. The submersible version has an extra seal set on the drive shaft. The EDP pumps are built from separate wear-resistant parts to exchange wear parts easily and still works cost effective. The standard pumps have adjustable casting positions and could be mounted easily into an existing dredger. The EDP’s have a long lifetime, low maintenance, optimum suction capacity and low energy consumption.   Dutch Dredgers offers a wide product range of dredging support equipment. These products are a valuable addition for your performance. You can make a choice out of our standard products or you could ask us for a proposal to design one especially for you.

• Cutter heads
• Water Jet Systems
• Power Packs
• Workboat
• Amphibian Buggy
• Booster Set
• Winches
• Sand Seperation Plant

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