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Since “The Dutch” are well-known for their dredging capabilities, the name ‘Dutch Dredgers’ connect seamlessly with the Dredging cluster where The Netherlands is proud of. Also the known “Dutch Design”, which stands for innovative, minimalistic and unconventional industrial products, is the basis for our work. Therefore combining Dredging and Design:

Our services and products are ‘Designed for Dredging’.

We deliver Dutch Design for the Dredging industry by providing intellectual products and knowledge intensive services.

Based on more than 20 years of engineering and consultancy experience we offer services as Engineering, Project management, (technical) Advice and support in the Delivery of physical dredging products.

Dutch Dredgers Maasstraat 3 Ulft    
Dutch Dredgers BV
Maasstraat 3
NL-7071 VR Ulft
Telephone: +31 315 377 605
Website: www.dutchdredgers.com
E-mail: info@dutchdredgers.com

CoC nr: 67 106 064 Arnhem
VAT nr: NL 856.832.911.B01


Dutch Dredgers Россия (Russia)
Телефон: +7 (812) 642-55-40
Телефон: +7 (812) 642-55-30
Веб-сайт: www.dutchdredgers.ru
Электронная почта: dredgingsystems@gmail.com