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We can help you to realize your plans and ideas, as well as the improvement of existing or future projects. In case projects do not progress on time, budgets are not met, or a solution stays out, we can help to get the project back on track. A different angle can work surprisingly.

Project Assistance



To prevent wander tracks and technical errors, a good approach to a technical project is important. In this, communication, budget, time, organization and control are main important. If one has insight into these ingredients, the project manager knows the financial and planning affairs and any person concerned could be informed. For technical projects, we have designed a number of project tools what gives insight about the settlement of the project. These tools function separate of ERP systems and could be read and updated by ' Dropbox ' or other ' Cloud '. This way of working is accessible and readable for everyone involved. To have an easy production without unexpected surprises in the end, we recommend you our assistance package. With this service we give you the tools to manage your dredger production. During this production and assembling process we will visit you to advice, check and talk about possibilities or problems. This Dredger Assistance Package consists of:
  • time frame / production schedule
  • project production data sheet
  • assembling method & requirements
  • assistance before & during production
  • assistance during pre-assembling (work shop)
  • assistance local assembling (dredge site)
  • transport and crane specification

In order to reduce disturbances and to stimulate sustainability, a proper use and maintenance training is necessary. Damage is often done by ignorance or wear is accelerated by flawed or poor maintenance. To get a satisfied end user without too much service cost, a good training is a plus. We provide the training and support in a sparkling presentation or movie and we will not forget to promote the safety, because effective safety training teaches to discover your dangers and how to anticipate.

When a dredger is operational, personnel needs to have training. This training is to use the dredgers to the max of their possibilities without endangering its life time span. Also maintenance and checks are important parameters to get a safe and continuous production. This Dredger Training Package consists of:

  • training course, ‘dredge experts’
  • training course, ‘dredging onboard, part 1’
  • documentation and course material
  • training course‘maintenance and checks’
  • training course, ‘dredging onboard, part 2’
  • dredge examination/test and graduation

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Key Components


Research & Development

Some components are complex or not easy to produce on small scale. Dutch Dredgers can supply key components with the needed documents as standard or customized part(s).

  • dredge pumps (parts),
  • winches,
  • cutter head or parts,
  • spud systems,
  • automatic dredge systems,
  • cabins / wheel house,
  • excavator arms / buckets,
  • delivery pipe components, etc.

R&D remains important before an appropriate solution can be designed. Sometimes the solution starts at the simplification of the whole. The life span, payback, standstill, maintenance and security are of great influence.

After the research and design the prototype will be realized. This means a good interaction with the engineer who can also work with the equipment. He knows the design after all and knows what is important and what is right. Also small errors in the design and changes at the prefab parts can be quickly adjusted in the presence of the constructor. This prevents loss of time in the project and derivation of bystanders from other parts of the production environment.

Dutch Dredgers More Information   Dutch Dredgers More Information